Keep a patients vitals at hand

FirstCare® FirstResponders™️ Gloves are a unique new glove with a pre-printed template to assist the medic in the golden hour. The ability to immediately record patients vitals without searching for a laptop, tablet or notebook will save time and capture base line vital information of the patient. After the medic has evaluated and stabilized the patient, they have the vital information on hand to enter into their tablets or laptops. Having the Vitals at hand helps keep the medic informed during patient evaluation and treatment.


FirstResponders™️ Gloves are a unique new disposable glove with a pre-printed template to assist the medic in the golden hour.

Each Dispenser contains 100 ambidextrous Nitrile gloves with a pre-printed template. Available in size S, M, L , XL Ambidextrous Glove

Item: #FRGAMB1

Single standard opening dispenser. This dispenser contains 50 pair of gloves with a unique dual design template. The glove can be worn on either hand to fill in the patients vitals

Base Line Patient Vitals

In critical situations the medic needs to capture the patients base line vital information to evaluate and determine treatment. Keeping the information on hand helps save time.

FirstCare Nitrile Exam Gloves

100% Latex Free Meets or exceeds FDA Standards

Our FirstCare® FirstResponders™️ Gloves are Latex free, powder free Nitrile exam gloves that meet or exceed FDA standards. Our gloves are heavier than the standard exam glove for better comfort and protection. The gloves are finger textured for improved dexterity. Firstcare® Nitrile delivers the most reliable non-latex glove protection for people who absolutely need to avoid bodily fluids, pathogens, or contamination. Its formulation of nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) provides excellent resilience and puncture resistance. It has an outstanding substance resistance profile, highly impervious to hydrocarbon oils, fats, solvents, and chemicals. Above all, it’s extremely low 1.5 AQL means you can be confident about its consistent protection, glove after glove. For latex-free environments where high clinical standards for safety are paramount, you’ll be glad you have Firstcare® Nitrile at hand, providing protection without compromise.