JobGuard® Vinyl

JobGuard® Vinyl is a glove solution designed for people who want reliable protection and a greater degree of sensitivity without latex.

In work environments, such as food service, where you may want to avoid latex but still need tough, dependable manual barrier protection coupled with a natural form factor for excellent dexterity, you need JobGuard® Vinyl

Its formulation of Polyvinyl Chloride Resin (PVC) excels at withstanding the typical alcohols and fats commonly encountered in food preparation.

An effective blend of strength and flexibility, it is your ally in providing safe, reliable products and services and maintaining healthy working conditions.

JobGuard® Nitrile

JobGuard® Nitrile is a glove solution designed for people who need to avoid latex and need manual barrier protection with superior strength, chemical resistance, and the best possible grip.

For the widest range of tasks where you need reliable strength, flexibility, and chemical resistance in a latex-free environment, you need Jobguard® Nitrile. It has an outstanding substance resistance profile, highly impervious to oils, fats, solvents, and chemicals. It’s even highly static proof, perfect for use around sensitive electronics.

Its special formulation of nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) provides excellent resilience and puncture resistance needed for contact-intensive tasks.

They are hypoallergenic and shield against the widest variety of chemicals and compounds.

JobGuard® Multi-Purpose Latex Gloves

JobGuard® Latex provides the best of both worlds; reliable protection and lower modulus for increased tactile sensitivity.

With an ultra-formfitting design for ergonomic utility, extra elasticity for reduced hand fatigue, and the highest degree of movement to accommodate the most delicate tasks, they keep all workers safe and productive.

In addition, Jobguard® Latex is specifically designed with a lighter gauge thickness to increase the wearer’s ability to work in extended situations that demand fine motor control and touch.

They provide the best grip, reliable strength and protection, and higher elasticity and sensitivity.

Maximum Protection without Compromise

Just like every Spring-Fill Glove, all the Jobguard® gloves are manufactured using Test-Driven Optimization, our structured production, and testing process that ensures our formulation provides maximum protection without compromise.